Mingxi Store as A Fashion Leader Originates Fashionable Life of Northern Chengdu

       Chengdu, January 18, 2013 — Fashionable life cannot do without shopping and entertainment which can only be carried out in large-sized stores. The Qingbaijiang District has always been an important industrial park in Chengdu or even China, and now with the implementation of the "integrated three circles development" strategy of the "five urban development strategies" in Chengdu, the Qingbaijiang District sees its first bright star —— Mingxi Store, which starts business in Qingbaijiang's bustling commercial center, and now it is in service for customers. On January 18, the Store holds a grand opening ceremony. Pang Hongying, Director of Qingbaijiang Commercial Bureau, Yang Shuqiong, Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial Garments Association, Mr. Wan Wentao, General Manager of Mingxi Store, and the high-ranking management of the commercial tenants and the cooperation units are present in the ceremony to jointly cut the ribbons for the opening of the new hot spot of fashionable life in the Qingbaijiang Dsitrict.
       As the core area for development of economy in West China, Chengdu has been devoted to urban construction and renewal. After Huang Xinchu, Secretary of CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, proposes the "integrated three circles development" strategy to concentrate the development forces of core economic growth pole in West China in the standing committee meeting of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee held in December, 2012, optimizing the core area, forging a principal area and creating a more powerful hinterland area become the key issues of urban construction. The Qingbaijiang District in the north of Chengdu should also be transformed into a city with integrated development of industry and commerce. The entry and opening of the Mingxi Store in the Qingbaijiang District not only provide a leisure place where fashion and entertainment are integrated, facilitating local people's life, but also will promote the economic development and urbanization progress of this district. It is known that the CBD where the Mingxi Store is situated will be planned as a commercial pedestrian street in 2013, and the medium- and high-end consumption model led by the Mingxi Store will be sure to boost the overall consumption of the local residents.
       There are many international and domestic first-tier brands which start business in the Mingxi Store. They are such fashion shops as Burberry, Versace, CK, S,T,Dupont, SATCHI, mia mia, La pagayo, Elegantprosper, KALTEDIN, CANUDILO, DEICAE, RS, Camel and AIVEI, involving medium- and high-end men's wear, women's wear, men's shoes, cosmetic brands and fine leatherwear, etc. The Mingxi Store is also matched with Raidy Boer International Movie City affiliated to the Pacific Ocean Theatre. It is devoted to leading high-quality life and to promoting economic development with fashionable life, so as to promote rapid development of the relatively impoverished area (the third circle) in Chengdu. With the joint efforts of various enterprises, the Qingbaijiang District will be bound to become a strong economic area integrated with the first and second circles.
      Wan Wentao, General Manager of the Mingxi Store, expresses in an interview that a commercial complex integrating shopping, entertainment, leisure and food will be the major trend for the future development of shopping centers. In the past, northern Chengdu has long been considered as another name of poverty. Now Mingxi Store join hands with Raidy Boer, the title sponsor, and other famous international and domestic brands, in the hope of building a brand-new commercial complex of fashion so that the people in northern Chengdu can also enjoy such fashionable life similar to that of southern Chengdu and the city center.

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